Welcome home, Daddy

You might recall Hubby and I were in Oahu for the birth of our first grandchild in March. Unfortunately, our son was only present via Skype and has gone two months without holding his child. He is a Marine and was deployed to Afghanistan in October, so he also missed much of his wife’s pregnancy. It takes special people to live the military life. True grit. The soldiers and their families not only have my gratitude, but my utmost respect.

As you’ve probably guessed, we have good news. My step-son’s unit is home and his family is reunited. Get out  your hanky. Here are  photos by family friend, Jillian Dazey (also a new mom) who did a beautiful job capturing the homecoming.




Who's kissing my momma?
You look different from Skype, Daddy


Daddy baby moment


First family portrait






These pictures take my breath away. What more can I say?


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