Time to blog again…

There was a time when I blogged 3 times a week…for 3 years…seriously. Yet, I haven’t been on my site since April. What gives?

I’ve had lots of subjects I’ve considered writing about…but the moment always seems to pass. Then, when I do think I want to write a post, I remember all of the other things, get overwhelmed and write nothing.

Some of those:

  • Fighting bronchitis during February, March, April, May, June, July and finally feeling better in August…but every time I’d think about it, I’d fall asleep before following through.
  • While I was sick, there were times I was coughing so hard I thought I might die. Hubby was great about working from home. He had to go out of town twice and didn’t want to leave me alone. (I’d coughed 3 ribs out of place). A BFF sorority sister flew in TWICE to be with me. I have great friends!
  • The birth of our first granddaughter in January. She has two cousins: our grandsons who are five and two and a half.
  • Packing 28 boxes of books and moving them and some furniture to the attic so it could do double duty as a nursery when the little one visits.
  • Hubby and I went to a resort south of Cancun for a few days in February. My joints had been stiff and yoga wasn’t helping, but the salt air did the trick! That’s a place to return to.
  • Visiting my sister in Seattle and helping celebrate her 20th anniversary with the non-profit she runs. Hubby and I try to go every year to help with the annual charity fundraiser.
  • Going to the international convention of my collegiate sorority for the first time since 1999. My doctor told me not to go, but, well…I don’t follow doctor’s orders very well. In hindsight, it was a poor decision on my part (healthwise), but there were so many great memories. I did two 50 minute presentations which I really enjoyed.
  • The parents of the first guy I ever slept with came to visit us. Explanation: He and I were both in a crib. I have pictures. These are long-time friends of my mom’s; I kept up with them via Christmas cards. They were going to be in Nashville and called. I probably haven’t seen them in 40, maybe 45 years. We had a great visit, and I got to send regards to their son, my first “boyfriend.”
  • Attending the wedding of my ex-husband’s niece. She was eight when he & I divorced twenty years ago, but she and I already had a strong bond. Her parents have remained friends (I still consider them relatives) and kept her in my life. When Hubby and I married fifteen years ago, my niece was my “maid of honor.” Hubby & I adore her new husband and wish them a lifetime filled with love and happiness.
  • Unfortunately, I missed Killer Nashville as it was the same weekend as my niece’s wedding. I still got to screen manuscripts for some of the awards which always makes my writing stronger.
  • …And finally, I’m ready to look for an agent again. I’ve had 5 short stories published in 3 anthologies in the past couple of years with 2 more (romance) to come before Valentine’s Day. But, it’s time to work on the novels again. The first one is ready. The second is in (major) revisions and the third is hanging out in my head.

So, as I sit in Nashville waiting on Irma to turn into a tropical storm and head our way, I decided to post on my blog.

A bit of Hurricane history of interest to no one but me probably, but they keep talking on TV about how Irma is the worst storm seen in parts of Florida since Donna in 1960. My family was visiting my mom’s sister and her family during Donna. I remember the adventure, though I was only 5. My sister, cousin, and I spent the night under the kitchen table. Today, I’d be hauling my butt out of the state. (Actually, that would’ve been several days ago.)

Stay safe…

~ Kay