New York Adventures

We visited middle son and family this summer, but had not spent any quality time with our oldest or youngest, so we decided to take them to NYC. Youngest had never been and with a pregnant wife, this might be his last chance without a baby on board which would change the dynamics of the trip.

Youngest and DIL live near here so we flew up on Thursday, arriving mid-day. We stayed at the Doubletree Suites on Time Square on the 32nd floor so our views were spectacular. We could see Central Park/mid-uptown out one window and Broadway in all of her splendor out the other.


Oldest son lives in Baltimore, but travels a good bit so he is in the City a lot. He couldn’t join us until Friday afternoon, so we had to start exploring without him.



Waiting for Phantom of the Opera                                      The BEST way to see the park


                                                   Can’t miss the M&M Store


The fountain from “FRIENDS” in Central Park.


Our version of “the jump”

Our “mission” while there was to eat as much pizza as possible. We went to John’s (our favorite) two or three times. We tried to go to Sal’s, but they were closed early, we had a tour scheduled and couldn’t wait around. Next time. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant as well. Good food, but all in all, give me John’s. It’s an old church across from the theatres with a beautiful stained glass ceiling in the back.

When Oldest joined us we did touristy things like Empire State Building (go late–shorter lines; better yet, spring for line jumper pass. It costs about twice as much but time is at a premium).

A (new) fun tour for us was The Ride. I highly recommend it.


Naturally, we had to have a little culture. We toured the American Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim and booked a guided tour at the Tenement Museum. An unexpected, last minute add-on (that was on City Pass) was the Adventure Museum. We chose the Star Wars Exhibit. It was super cool.


Of course we went to the 911 memorial. Last time we were there we did the guided tour outside. This time we did the Museum tour. It was worth the price of our City Pass to skip the lines. Guided Tour was extra, but it got us to the front of the security line. Tour was outstanding. I cried through the whole thing.

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The weather was perfect, but the streets were hard and my back still hurts even though I switched shoes every day. I always love the energy of NYC whenever I go, but I’m usually ready to come home when it is time to leave.

Note: We didn’t break even by buying the City Pass and we tried! It was still worth it, however, because of the line jumping priviledge at several places (not the Empire State Building–they have a separate program).

The important thing: Youngest got a taste of NYC, including how to use the subway, how easy it is to navigate the street system, and that it truly is a city that never sleeps.

One of DIL’s friends asked if this was their “babymoon,” apparently something couples do now before the birth of their first child. She explained they were going with her in-laws, but then paused and said maybe so… After all, we were on their honeymoon (after their destination wedding.) Gotta love the way kids are doing life’s events these days.

~ Kay