Mark your calendar — Halloween events!

I love Fall–the colors, the weather, our anniversary, Halloween. Well, Halloween, isn’t that big of a deal, though it’s fun watching the kiddies in their costumes. But I don’t like scary. I really don’t like scary. (I have nightmares.)

Along those lines, I don’t read horror; I don’t watch horror.  Apparently, however, I can write horror. Go figure!

Last year I had a short story, The Trolls, published in an anthology published by Elephant’s Bookpress


I had a great experience with a different publisher when I published a contemporary short story Good Friday in an anthology by Inkception Books:


The Inception editors were so delightful to work with when they announced a Halloween anthology, I thought, “What the heck, I’ll try to write another horror story.” Knowing horror isn’t my forte, I created two short stories, Oh, Baby! and Hormones of Horror, to give myself a better chance of having one accepted and guess what! Yep, both are in the anthology.


The Creepy Collection came out this week, just in time for Halloween. What a fun time of year to promote a book. It even has a TRAILER!!! Check it out.

I’m doing a book signing at Landmark Books in Franklin during the Pumpkin Fest on Saturday, October 29th from 10-12 a.m.

On Halloween, I’ll be visiting my alma mater, Huntingdon College, in Montgomery to discuss my professional journey with the students in the “Practicing the Art of Critical Thinking” program which focuses on the topic “leading lives that matter.”

I hope to see lots of friends at the events in Franklin and Montgomery. If not, all three books are available on Amazon.

And, yes…I’m still working on my novels.

Happy Fall.


~ Kay