Happy Halloween

A great big thank you to Joel & Carol Tomlin of Landmark Booksellers in Franklin, Tennessee, for including me in their author signings at Saturday’s Pumpkin Fest. 

Except for the 85 degree heat (it’s October in Tennessee, folks. What’s with that???), which melted the chocolate candy I had out for the trick-or treaters, it was a great day. Lots of imaginative costumes parading by…my favorite was a homemade Smores where Mom and Dad were the Graham Crackers (cardboard with black holes) and the daughter was the melting mushroom, all dressed in white tulle. I didn’t get a photo of that one, but I got a picture of another cutie.  



I had all three anthologies (which are available on Amazon) and sold some of each!

business-card-front-creepy image001 horror-cover-10-197x300-1-197x300

Also a big shout out to a sorority sister, writing friend, and neighbor/friend who came out to support me in spite of the horrendous parking situation. Thanks, Rina, Tom, and Susan! Of course, much gratitude to my Honey who toted boxes, braved the heat, and all around ran interference. He’s my rock!


We took some booth shots before the streets got jammed with people. Those shadows in the photos are not due to lack of skills on the part of photographer(s)…they are ghosts. 

img_3228 img_3225


Happy Halloween! Be safe!

~ Kay