I’m back…again

16 Jun

Wow! Lot’s has happened since I last blogged.

About a year ago, I stopped my routine of blogging three times a week so I could finish my second novel, which I did.

Unfortunately, while the book was “aging” (before I started the editing and rewriting phase) I didn’t get into the habit of consistently posting. Oh, I wrote MANY posts–in my head…they just didn’t make it to my website.

I had great plans to post fabulous pictures from our three week trip to Italy in October and share some of the adventures we had there. Unfortunately, a couple of days before we were scheduled to come home, we learned my dad was much sicker than we’d thought. By the time we returned, he was in Hospice.

Hubby had to go to Germany on a business trip the next week, and I waited for him to return to travel to my Dad’s. He was much further along than we’d thought. We walked in and knew we were there “until the end.” I called my sister in Seattle who’d planned a trip about three weeks later and told her if she wanted to see him while he still was alert she needed to come immediately. She arrived the next day. A week later he was in a coma and two weeks later he died.

I blogged some during that time–more processing my feelings than anything, because the posts certainly weren’t planned.

I had a hard winter. I worked with a grief counselor and even went to a week-long intensive grief group which really helped me push through my sadness. It’s been a long seven months, but I’m much better and have made a lot of progress.

I continued to attend tap dance class as an outlet. We had a competition in March and our recital last weekend. We did four numbers. Don’t let anybody tell you “old women” can’t dance! The Tap N Dolls (mostly in our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s) won a Platinum Award for “Dancin’ Fool” and a High Gold Award for “I Move On” at competition. Each judge got to give two special awards and one of the three judges selected us for an award she named the “Heart of Dance” Award showing dance has no age limit. Here are links if you want to see us in action.

Dancin’ Fool

I Move On

I have some fun recital pictures I’ll post soon.

Our sixty-five year old former Rockette teacher couldn’t dance with us during competition because she had double knee replacement surgery, but five weeks after her surgery she was doing the steps behind us in her tennis shoes and a week later she was back in her tap shoes. We performed five dances at the rehab center where she went after her surgery, and she was the star of the show. Of course she was in the recital.

I’m happy to say my writing muse has returned. I’ve found a writing partner who inspires me. I’ve finished the rewrite of my second novel and have done yet another rewrite of the first. Unfortunately, my agent left the business, and I’m waiting to see if someone else at the agency wants to represent me. If not, I’ve got two solid manuscripts ready to query.

I also sold a short story to an anthology which should come out in hard cover and e-format this summer.

And in the middle of this, we decided to MOVE. No good reason, we just did. We are downsizing which is stressing me out since I don’t know what to keep and what to let go. We were in our old house eleven years and accumulated a lot of stuff. We’ve waited to put it on the market until after the move so we could paint and clean and stage it with extra furniture. It really looks good and we are about ready to list it. Meanwhile, at the new, much smaller house, I’m drowning in well-labeled boxes, trying to figure where I’m going to put everything. It’s about thirty minutes between the houses and my cleaning lady and painter have been priceless during the process. But, even so, I’m dealing with major stress, so what am I doing?

BLOGGING! I’m back! Yep! It took the stress of all that to get me back to the keyboard. The good news is I have enough “moving” stories I could blog for weeks just about the move.

Today, a nice rainy day when I could have accomplished much I took three naps. We’ll get it done…somehow. And I bet you’ll see more of me during the next few weeks. Procrastination trumps unpacking.

~ Kay






  1. Moo

    June 17, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    make sure you keep the dining room table so the grandkids can hide the food they don’t like!

    • Kay

      June 17, 2014 at 5:57 pm

      Downsizing sucks, but the table made the cut only it is going in the bonus room as a game table. I guess they could carry the food upstairs to hide it, huh?