GUEST POST — People Die The Way They Lived

20 Nov

Hubby’s first guest post was so popular, I invited him to give it another shot. Here’s what he had to say:

~ Kay

“People die the way they lived.”

I have heard that said, and have oft repeated it.

Standing by, watching my father-in-law hang on to the last threads of life, I am wondering how this relates to his life. It is curiosity and a desire to facilitate his passing along with my natural tendency to try to control that drives this process.

Is there something left unsaid or undone? Is that relevant to him? He left many things unsaid and undone when he was able.

Is it now that he is leaving that he needs to apologize and say goodbye?  That was not his way in life and he has done that in words.

Is he waiting now to hear himself as the words softly spoken echo in his consciousness? That would be a loving stream to carry him on to the next world.

Is he dreaming that he is alive and his body is just sleeping? If so, may he wake up in a new world where there is no waiting for answers.

Or is his body, strong from carrying huge burdens in life, just not yet ready to give up that job to the power he trusts with his soul?

We are spirits in a skin suit, and he has thick skin.

Until the appointed time, I can only wonder about these questions. When my time comes, I hope that my dying will be like my living–more full and loving because I pondered his.

~ Greg

  1. Linda Ann

    November 21, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Greg, love your imagery of our being spirits in “skin suits”—I am not a writer but have enjoyed your writing. Please take care of my college roomie. She has a very sensitive soul as you well know. Thanks for being there with her. Much love, Linda Ann