Baby, I Need your Loving

Oldest son is in Baltimore and still single, middle son is married with two sons, and youngest son and his wife are expecting their first in early February. Hubby and I were honored to host their  Gender Reveal Party. We had a blast planning and executing it.

We started with a pink and blue tulle wreath for the front door. Our playlist was thirty songs with the word “baby” in the title. Guests came inside and signed a picture of the sonogram with either pink or blue ink. They also picked a pink or blue clothes pin to wear indicating their guess as to gender. Dauthter-in-law made a chalk board of “old wives tales” to assist with the voting. (Of course the vote count didn’t matter; it didn’t change anything.)

img_3079 img_3103


We had pink lemonade and blue Hawaiian punch. In addition, we made a watermelon fruit bowl to resemble a baby in a crib. (Thanks, Pinterest!)


We also did a veggie platter that was a cabbage patch, complete with the cabbage patch baby.

img_3107 img_3108

Daughter-in-Law made her killer meatballs, and we had pink and blue candy sticks and mints. The cake was blue trimmed in pink with the cake color indicating the gender.


DIL’s brother’s girlfriend knew the gender along with DIL’s mom, Hubby, and me, and she made a giant box filled with balloons for SON and DIL to open at the big moment.img_3098

Now, DIL and I have said it was a girl from day 1. Son was counting on a boy. (#2 son was also hoping for a boy so he could ship off hand-me-down clothes.). Obviously, one of them was going to be disappointed (short of twins which we knew wasn’t the case.)

We put the box outside on the firepit. The looks on their faces say it all, I think.


It’s a Girl!

…and Harper Marie Elam already has a stack of outfits on our dresser. A granddaughter…she’ll have her two cousins wrapped around her little finger…either that or they’ll have her climbing trees and digging for worms. Either way, Hubby and I will be delighted to have three fabulous grandchildren.

Can’t wait!

~ Kay