Anniversary Ramblings

When Hubby and I met we were both “starting over” after 20+ year marriages. We’d both taken some time to grieve the loss of prior relationships and were cautiously reentering the dating world in our mid-forties.

I don’t think either of us was expecting the head-on collision we experienced, but within weeks we knew we’d be together forever. My friends and family adored him. His family and friends loved me. I took him to the city where I had lived with my ex and my friends there had a party for us. An employee of my ex (who was crazy about him) told me she thought my ex-had done me a favor…soon-to-be Hubby and I were a much better fit.

Somehow, we managed to wait six months to get married. October is my favorite month. I love the crispness in the air and the kaleidoscope of colors that usually arrive by mid-October.

But, October holds some sadness as well. Five years ago, Hubby’s mom was in Hospice and died in December. We got married at a lake on her farm. Every day we made the hour drive out there to check on her. Even the allure of the trees growing brighter every day and seeing the dock where we said our vows couldn’t compensate for our sorrow. The following October my dad was in Hospice and died in November. The colors aren’t as vibrant where he lived in south Alabama, but I couldn’t have appreciated them had they been.

I suppose, as we grow older many things become bittersweet, even our favorite month. Today, October 26, is our 15th anniversary. We’ve taken a long weekend to the Gatlinburg area where we honeymooned. It was a beautiful drive over and, located in the Smokie Mountains, the views here are majestic.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart

You Still Rock My World

I Love You…All Ways

~ Kay

4 thoughts on “Anniversary Ramblings

  1. So happy to see you so happy. I miss our AOPi days, those at Chapter inauguration at Huntington, at JSU, at your Anniston home — and even that crazy reacquaintance in Gregerson’s grocery aisle! I wish you well, my friend, from my McCalla ‘retirement’ home. Best, Lindie

    1. So good to hear from you. I just asked someone about you recently. I was sorry to hear about your mom. I know you will miss her. If you are ever in Nashville, give me a call. I’d love to catch up.

  2. Beautifully written with love.

    Wow! I did not realize it has been 15 years. Congratulations to each of you. I agree with the employee of your ex that your soon to be hubby is absolutely perfect for you.

    We love you.

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