A Whole New Movie Experience

If you haven’t been to see a movie recently, you might be in for a treat.

A couple of weekends ago, Hubby and I went to a remodeled cinema near Nashville. They’d removed about two-thirds of the seats and replaced them with comfy recliners. Seriously…recliners–feet go up, back goes back. Seats are wide — wider than first class on an airplane and taller than a bouffant hairdo. People can even walk in front of your seat without you having to shift.

The seats are tiered so no one is looking at the back of anyone else’s head. There’s a drink holder (yes, I know they’ve had those for a while) and a tray for your meal. There was a button we could push and someone came to our seat and take our order from the menu that had been left there prior to our arrival, and serve it like in a restaurant.

How good can theatre food be? Pretty dog-gone good. I had a salad that would rival Appleby’s or Logans and Hubby had ribs he enjoyed. They had pasta, burgers, appetizers, desserts…I can’t remember what all. In addition, it is a scratch kitchen. There were some things I didn’t want on my salad that had it been prepackaged, I’d have been SOL. But, it was delivered exactly as ordered.

They even have full bar service. I don’t think I have to same anything else about that.

The theme at the theatre near Nashville is futuristic. There were several sitting areas out and about. It reminded me of something out of the Jetson’s.

This weekend, I’m in Durham visiting a friend and there are three in the triangle area. The one we chose isn’t quite as fancy as the one at home, but still much better than normal movies. They have the oversized seats. (They don’t recline). They have the tiered, wide aisles. Their servers just pop in with menus which we didn’t need because we’d pulled it up on our phones. We ordered appetizers which were yummy.

Yes, this type theatre is a little more expensive, but not much — a little less than $15 per ticket. I highly recommend reserving ahead of time. Hubby and one of his friends were going to go to a movie while I was out of town and everything they wanted to see was sold out. When you make your reservation, you pick your actual seat. There is no bad seat in the house.

Let’s hope for some great movies this fall and winter. This would be a great date night.

~ Kay