I was (pleasantly) shocked a couple of years ago when I saw Uber was available in the little town south of Nashville where Hubby and I live. Since then, we’ve used this service (with varying degrees of satisfaction) quite a few times. Parking prices in downtown Nashville have gotten so ridiculous we’ll drive to a friend’s business […]

A Whole New Movie Experience

If you haven’t been to see a movie recently, you might be in for a treat. A couple of weekends ago, Hubby and I went to a remodeled cinema near Nashville. They’d removed about two-thirds of the seats and replaced them with comfy recliners. Seriously…recliners–feet go up, back goes back. Seats are wide — wider than […]

Time to blog again…

There was a time when I blogged 3 times a week…for 3 years…seriously. Yet, I haven’t been on my site since April. What gives? I’ve had lots of subjects I’ve considered writing about…but the moment always seems to pass. Then, when I do think I want to write a post, I remember all of the […]