An offer? Then what?

So…you’ve finished your masterpiece, written a query letter and synopsis and know where and how to find agents. Research the agents you want to query and make a master list. Make a column for agent, agency, e-mail address, when you sent query, when you received reply, etc. I do my list in Excel. A very […]

How to find a Literary Agent

Did you  know only about 2% of writers have an agent? In this age of self-publishing is an agent even necessary? I’ll leave that discussion for another day. Today, I’m going to give some tips on finding a literary agent. If an agent or publisher asks for money up-front, run. Run as fast as your […]

Cold begone!

I hate to bitch and gripe, but I’ve had a cold for seven, yes seven, weeks! October 19 — A couple of days after attending two performances a children’s play where there was a cast of about seventy with an audience filled with siblings, I felt tired and had a scratchy throat. I didn’t go out […]