ITALY — The Logistics

Hubby and I had both been to Europe, but neither of us had been to Italy nor did we speak the language. Therefore, we decided we’d get a little help with our trip planning. Because this was vacation, we didn’t want to do a tour where we had to adhere to someone else’s schedule. We […]

Italy — A little late

Last October hubby and I spent three glorious weeks in Italy to celebrate our anniversary. I didn’t take my computer, though I uploaded a few pictures on Facebook using my iPad. My plan had been to come home, organize my thoughts and photos, and do several posts about our journey. Well, that just didn’t happen. Two days […]

Twelve Years

I entered into this, my second marriage, with some fear and trepidation. Oh, I knew the love was solid, but my failed first marriage had gotten into my head. Even with (lots of) therapy and the support of family and friends, somewhere in my heart of hearts I was afraid this relationship was too good to […]

Open House

If you want to accomplish something, set a deadline and tie an event to it that forces you to meet that deadline. Hubby and I wanted to get our house unpacked, drapes and pictures hung, and make it feel like it was really ours. To this end, we invited our old and new neighbors and a […]