A happy godchild

Though I’ve not been blessed with biological children, I have 3 stepsons, a grandson, (another grandchild on the way), 2 nieces, a nephew and a plethora of godchildren.   One of my beautiful goddaughters graduated from high school this year. It was a tough year for her. Both her grandfather and great grandfather passed away. Later her grandmother, […]

When Mars and Venus Stage a House

In my last post, I included some photos taken by our realtor of the house my husband and I have on the market. Being a tad compulsive, I also staged the inside of closets and pantries. Hey, they do it in model homes! I left a couple of dresses, hung neatly, one of Hubby’s suits, […]

The world is a stage

And so is a house…at least when you’re selling one. We waited several weeks after our move to list our house so we could shampoo carpets, paint, deep clean and stage our old home so it’d present as well as possible to potential buyers. Since we were downsizing we had extra furniture we could leave […]

Our first post-move guests

Every other year I host a group of girlfriends for a night or few during the summer. Of course, this year, the year we moved, was that year. In our former house, we could sleep ten guests. In this house, we will have two guest bedrooms…eventually. Currently one is set up as a bedroom, the other is […]