Movers — Not my new best friends

We were fortunate we didn’t have to sell our old house before we purchased our new house. We could move first, then stage the old house before we put it on the market…at least that was the plan. That meant we were leaving some of our furniture in the old house for staging. We planned […]

Why move?

About a year ago, Hubby bought a little red sports car about the size of a lawn mower. It was to replace the sedan he’d been driving, or so he said. He told me to sell the sedan, but I dragged my feet. I could see him going on a business trip where he needed […]

Dancing Fools

Here are The Tappin’ Dolls at our recent recital. We have one 40 year old (bless her heart). The rest of us are in our 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. There are 16 of us, though I don’t think all of us are in any of these casual shots. We were in the same program as the […]

I’m back…again

Wow! Lot’s has happened since I last blogged. About a year ago, I stopped my routine of blogging three times a week so I could finish my second novel, which I did. Unfortunately, while the book was “aging” (before I started the editing and rewriting phase) I didn’t get into the habit of consistently posting. […]