What a week…

Hubby and I traveled to Seattle last week. Xander, our seven-year-old godchild (with spina bifida) had his twenty-seventh surgery Thursday. We met him and his mom at the hospital for pre-admission appointments Wednesday and got the world’s best hug.     Afterwards, we took the ferry to Kingsport. Xander’s dad is in the navy and […]

Spring Fever

It’s spring all right. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 70’s. Yesterday, it wasn’t quite as warm, but still lots of sunshine. People were out in groves–running errands, washing cars, planting flowers—enjoying the fresh air. Today, however, it’s storming and we have tornado watches all around. Yep! It’s spring in middle […]

One last look…

I just realized I forgot to do my weekly post yesterday. Let’s see, what was I doing? Why did I forget? Hubby and I spent the weekend out at his mom’s farm packing up the last of her stuff, then met the movers yesterday morning. Pretty much everything that hasn’t been given away was relocated […]

Happy Birthday, Xander

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know about Xander, my soon to be seven-year-old godchild. Seven! Where does the time go? Xander has severe spina bifida, and we had another health scare last week. He had a seizure Friday morning and his mom (Natalie) had difficulty waking him. She called Children’s Hospital. […]