In loving memory of Ma Sue

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In mid-September I spent a bittersweet week in Hawaii with family—Hubby, his mom, his siblings and their spouses. The journey actually started in July. All three of my husband's grown sons were home to honor Youngest's marriage the previous December. Unbeknownst to me, my mother-in-law—everyone calls her Ma Sue—had a mission for that July weekend—a mission that she failed to accomplish. We realized this when she showed up the following week with a personalized, handmade quilt a friend of hers had made for Middle Son's firstborn, our first grandchild, her first great-grand. She'd been so thrilled when she had learned the baby's middle name would be Herb, in memory of her husband who'd died last year. Ma Sue's intention had been to give the quilt to them while they were…
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