One breath at a time

Monday we enrolled my precious mother-in-law in Hospice. She’s had cancer for a couple of years and until recently had managed well and relatively pain-free. We knew she was deteriorating because she’d been eating less and less, and lately only pureed or baby food. But if she could have quality of life (no pain) we […]

Paradise Found

We returned yesterday from a week in Hawaii. The whole family went: Hubby, his mom, his brother and sister and their spouses. We rented an enormous house with a kick-ass view. Our five-month-old grandson lives there—his dad is a Marine—and we got to spend some quality time with their sweet family. Here are a few […]

Character Chat: Nan

Guest blogger is Nan Macomb, a character from my novel, DEATH BY GRAMMY   I probably shouldn’t be posting today. I went to a hair styling conference Monday and even though it’s been days, my feathers are still ruffled. For those of you just joining the party, I’m a hair stylist. I have a cozy one-chair salon in […]

Character Chat – Emma

Guest blogger is Emma Morgan, a character from my novel, DEATH BY GRAMMY   Hello everyone, It’s hard to believe it’s after Labor Day. The girls are back in school and I’ve settled into my routine of morning carpool and afternoon extracurricular activities. This year the girls are taking dance and gymnastics (same days, same place thank goodness) […]