Character Chat — Emma

Guest blogger is Emma Morgan, a character from my novel, DEATH BY GRAMMY   Hello everyone, I’m the third member of the character ensemble from DEATH BY GRAMMY. The story centers around Nan, with Loralee and me as her sidekicks. As Lor said last week, they’ve been friends since junior high. I met Nan when she and I […]

RIP Sally Ride

  Sally Ride died yesterday after a seventeen-month struggle with pancreatic cancer, the same cancer to which Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze succumbed. Ms. Ride was sixty-one years old. At thirty-two, in 1983, she became America’s first woman in space, and was launched on the Space Shuttle Challenger twice within a year. With these journeys, […]

Character Chat — Loralee

Guest blogger is Loralee Anderson, a character from my novel, DEATH BY GRAMMY   Hey y’all, It’s about time Kay let us blog again. Seriously. Who’d she think she was cutting us off like that?  With no warning. I know y’all were mighty disappointed when we quit posting. I bet you even left comments and she somehow […]

Character Chat – Nan

Guest blogger: Nan Macomb, a character from Death by Grammy Hi there, If you’re new to Kay’s blog you probably don’t know me, but I’m sure the old-timers will remember the good old days when Loralee, Emma and I took turns blogging on Fridays. Then Kay decided to do a rewrite or she got mad about something one […]