Last week

Last week was a bittersweet, whirlwind one at our house–so busy I didn’t have a chance to post! First, I learned of the death of my childhood dance teacher, Dorothy Rainer Sellars at age eighty-six. She closed her studio last year after fifty-seven years of teaching. Fifty-seven years, folks! She was one dynamo of a […]

I did it!

I did it! I went a whole week without blogging. Sure, I felt guilty, but it quickly passed. I had plenty of other tasks to keep me busy. And with the creative juices freed up, I started a new novel which is exciting. So, for the benefit of my other writing projects, I’m going to […]

Post 300

This is my 300th blog post and I’m going to take a little break. Whew! I said it. I started this blog to prove (to myself, to agents, to publishers, to readers) that I could keep a consistent posting schedule of (hopefully) entertaining and/or educational posts. So, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (almost without exception) […]