Fun Friday

One of the first things I do each morning is scan the two hundred or so blogs on my Google Reader. Often, on the days I post, I decide to change my content based on something on one of these blogs. Today is such a day. Rachelle Gardner, one of the best bloggers and agents […]


Where do writers get their inspiration? The list is so long, it’d never fit on a page, A writer’s inspiration comes from so many sources: nature, people, books, things… But to narrow it down a tad, what inspires writers to continue when they’re going through a rough patch (and we all do) or guides them when […]

It starts today…

Cupid’s Literary Connection contest starts today. My entry is Blind Speed Dating #18. Here are the rules — cut and pasted from Cupid’s site: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 Blind Speed Dating RULES!!!! and Info! (Remember! For Twitter Trash Talk use #AgentTTT) Agent’s RULES: Blind speed dating is the 20th-23rd. Friday the 24th will be used to announce […]