Traveling Tales

Hubby was asked to speak at a conference in Park City, Utah this week. Since it started on our anniversary, he brought me with him–smart guy I married. Our flight was scheduled to leave Nashville early Wednesday morning and we had to be at the airport before the sun woke up. We usually take a […]

Loving this weather

October is perhaps the most beautiful month of the year in Tennessee. I love fall. It’s my favorite season. The hot, sticky summer is over and the brisk days of autumn are invigorating.  My most successful dieting has been in the fall (not that I’m dieting now, mind you.) I’ve been on the road more […]

Are mistakes in e-books more acceptable than in traditional books?

I’m reading a book now that is driving me crazy. I think the plot is okay, but I’m not really sure because I can’t overlook the editing blunders. One or two in a book and I congratulate myself for spotting that which others have missed. But mistakes on every page are unacceptable. What kind of […]