Manic Monday: Jetlagged ramblings

Travel provides great fodder for a blog post—especially when traveling alone. Of course I prefer traveling with my snuggle partner, but when I do he has my attention.  Yesterday I flew from Nashville to Seattle with a two hour layover in Chicago. While in the Nashville airport I met a nurse who is on the […]

Wildcard Wednesday: Tribute to a Friend

My friend long-time Donna died six years ago this month. She was 56. I miss her every day, but every February I try to do something to honor her. This post is dedicated to her. We traipsed the world together, most notably hiking the switchbacks of the Southern Alps in New Zealand when we were […]

Friday Favorites: Revisions Update

This is the end of the fifth week of my online writing class, Revisions. The goal is to completely tear our novels apart and put them back together, finishing the final acts this week. Somehow, miraculously, I’m on track and will finish this process today. Our instructor lectured at a conference last weekend so we […]