Manic Monday: It’s harder than it looks

Get your mind out of the gutter because I’m talking about my class project. I promised on Friday (I did promise, didn’t I?) I’d have a photo today of the story board as well as any old truths I’ve remembered while building it. In addition to those listed in Friday’s blog, I’ve remembered I love […]

Friday Favorites: Class Project—Top10 things I once knew but forgot

10.    Measure twice, cut (or draw) once. 9.     There’s always a need for a compass or . . . a glass bottom will do. 8.     Precut sticky notes work as well as circles cut from construction paper and glue. Squares are the new round. 7.     Glue is not for adults!!! 6.     […]

Wildcard Wednesday: Overcoming Writer’s Block

I heard a Podcast recently by Lani Diane Rich, the teacher of the Revisions class I’m currently taking. This is my own interpretation of the podcast so Lani can’t be held responsible for my (mis)understanding. All writers get writer’s block. We also have times when we are in the zone—when we write for hours and […]

Friday Favorites: One week down—five to go

I’ve (almost) finished week one of my Revisions class. I still have to post my homework on the class Forum board to be shredded like mozzarella cheese and I’ll do that right after I finish this post. We are also assigned a movie to watch each week. During the next week’s podcast our mighty leader […]