Manic Monday: Reading and Writing or the life of an author

Now that I’ve decided to be a full-time writer (minus my tap class and volunteer work), all I do is read and write. If I’m blocked for writing, I read. If I can’t focus on a story, I write. Pretty nifty, huh? What do I read? I have baskets of books in my “to be […]

Friday Favorites: Character Chat—Loralee’s Lyrics

Guest blogger: Loralee Anderson, character from Murder on Music Row Hey ya’ll, I’m slipping in here before anyone else does ‘cause it’s not literally my turn, but since no one has posted yet, I will. I hope ya’ll had a good Thanksgiving. I went to Nan’s folk’s house and ate so much they had to […]

Wildcard Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for: My husband, the love of my life — for his love, his encouragement, his wisdom My wise-ass sister who lives way too far away My three gorgeous stepsons and one beautiful daughter-in-law Great in-laws The rest of my family including of my 2 nieces, 1 nephew and 5 godchildren My AOII […]

Friday Favorites: Character Chat—Nan’s Notes

Guest blogger: Nan Macomb, character from Murder on Music Row Hi everyone, It’s my turn to blog, and I almost missed it. I’d planned to get up early and do it before my first client, but have you ever had one of those days? I know I set my alarm last night, but apparently the […]