Friday Favorites: Character Chat—Loralee’s Lyrics

Guest blogger: Loralee Anderson, character from Murder on Music Row Hey ya’ll, Just on principle, I’m not gonna bitch about Amy hacking into our blog a few weeks ago. Nan posted last week that I couldn’t let it go, but I can to, damn it. I’m just pissed Amy had the balls to do it […]

Wildcard Wednesday: RIB’s (Random Idea Blurbs)

As writers we get ideas all the time. My problem is remembering them. I always think this time I’ve got it, then I’ll remember I had something to recall, but that’s as far as it goes. To keep what’s left of my sanity I’ve had to develop techniques for remembering what I call RIB’s (random […]

Wildcard Wednesday: Football and Dancing or Why I’m Angry with ABC

Well, it happened again. ABC preempted Dancing with the Stars with Monday night football. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Tennessee Titans and took great pleasure in watching them shut down the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I’m sad our quarterback, Vince Young, sprained his knee in the first quarter, but according to today’s Tennessean, it looks […]