Friday Favorites: Character Chat–Loralee

Hey ya’ll, Kay’s up to her eyeballs editing her novel, Murder on Music Row so she’s letting me blog and I’m so damned excited I’m about to pee in my pants. (Oops…She said if I cussed I couldn’t blog again, so forget I said damned.) My name’s Loralee (Lor to my friends) and I’m Nan’s […]

Wednesday Wisdom: The Battle of My Brain

Whose bright idea was it to call my Wednesday posts “Wednesday Wisdom” anyway? What could I possibly know that other writers don’t?  Oh, the pressure of imparting wisdom… I do know this: I struggle to find a balance between the right and left sides of my brain. I don’t read a book and say, “Ah, […]

Monday Muse: What is a muse anyway?

The vote is in and my Monday blogs will be called “Monday Muse.” So…what exactly does  muse mean? There are inconsistencies in the origin of the word. My preference follows the tradition of Greek mythology where Zeus and Mnemosyne slept together for nine consecutive nights and created nine daughters. (That must have been some pregnancy!) […]

Friday Favorites: Character Chat–Nan

Hi there, Kay’s editing our novel even more so I get to be the first guest blogger from Murder on Music Row. My name’s Nan and I’m the main character in MOMR—unless you’re one of those folks who thinks the main character is the person who actually got murdered. In that case, it most certainly […]