More Rain and More Tidbits in Nashville

Well, we had another storm today and the 10 o’clock news reported up to 4 more inches fell in some areas. The sky was lit with sharp, jagged lightening and, again according to the news, 3″ hail. More rain is expected every afternoon through Monday. Time to build an ark? We had two doves build a nest in one of our window boxes. Hummm…

On the subject of arks, a bible was found during the flood clean-up at nearby Donelson Christian Academy. All of the pages were white and crumpled from the water, but only two pages in the entire bible were discolored: Genesis 7 and 8 where Noah was told to build an ark. This is the story where it rained for 40 days and 40 nights…In Nashville it rained enough to close Interstate 40 (and I-24, I-65 and 440).

Nashville lost one water treatment plant in the flood and a second one was in jeopardy. Citizens were asked to reduce water usage by 50%. We’ve been given a reprieve on washing clothes and dishes, but there’s still a ban on washing cars and watering lawns.

Kudos to Tide and the Tide Loads of Hope truck that’s been here for over a week. It’ll be in the area until the end of next week. It’s a cool concept. They have a fully-equipped truck (water too) they drive to disaster areas. As a service they wash and fold two loads of clothes per victim per day.  They also donate a portion of proceeds from “yellow cap” Tide to victims of disasters. Who knew?

Nashville, aka Music City USA, already has at least two songs about the “Flood of 2010”. John Rich wrote “Lend a Hand” and Victoria Banks wrote “City of Dreams” which starts “I’m baptized in tears in a river of rain. The tears will run dry but the scars will remain.” Buddy Jewel and Julie Roberts are among the country artists who will record it tomorrow at a local studio.

Another benefit concert for flood recovery, Nashville Rising, is being planned by Faith Hill and hubby Tim McGraw. So far some of the star-studded talent includes Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Amy Grant, Leann Rimes, Brooks and Dunn, Martina McBride, Montgomery Gentry and ZZ Top. Wow! The concert will be June 22nd but sold out this morning.

Music City Keep on Playing, a concert benefit for flood relief will air this Sunday, May 16 at 7 (central). Check it out at

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since the beginning of the flood and more rain is in the forecast. Let’s just hope we don’t get significant amounts.  Oh, and what did I do during today’s storm? I took a nap!

A Flood of Thoughts in Nashville

Living in Nashville, it’s hard to concentrate on anything but the devastating floods of May 1st and 2nd. As I watched local news stations’ live reports on the torrential rain, I had no idea what our community was about to experience.  With up to 18” of rain over a two-day period roads turned to rivers, countless homes and businesses were annihilated, and irreplaceable heirlooms were ruined. Our local newspaper, The Tennessean, has had daily front-page “Flood of 2010” coverage. Local television stations devoted an hour at noon, six and ten to it.

At first the stories and photos were all tragic: a young couple hanging onto their car, struggling to not be swept away by the rushing water; frightened children carried on the shoulders of their equally frightened parents; elderly citizens coerced from their homes to save their lives…  Our city looked like an island trying to float in an ocean of mud and debris. Check out this clip for one of the most comprehensive and poignant renditions I’ve seen:

But when the sun came out on May 3rd, the heart and soul of Nashville came out with it.  Volunteers registered online to get assignments to help. Shelters as well as homes were opened to those who lost everything. Local music celebrities organized a telethon that raised almost two million dollars and additional events have been announced. Three Nashville authors set up an auction site called “do the write thing for Nashville” and got such a great response they had to stop taking auction items. These are just a few examples of the creativity shown to raise money for this unexpected natural disaster.

It will take months, if not years to rebuild the infrastructure our city.  But Nashvillians are resilient and won’t let the Flood of 2010 drown their hopes and dreams. Rock on Nashville! I’m proud to call this my home.