What the heck happened to 2017? Seems like yesterday we were starting that year.

I hope you had a happy holiday season. All three of Hubby’s sons were home which meant some grandchildren time (but never enough). It was the first time the grandsons met their cousin who was born last January. What fun we had watching them together. Here are a few photos from a couple of our family gatherings:

The whole family

Youngest son and family 







Middle son and his family

Oldest son adores his nephews and niece (and vice versa)

Kissing Cousins





Grammy & Pappy with the Grands




Then back to reality…

I got news this weekend my mom’s best friend passed away Friday night. She outlived my mom by 26 years. Of course, mom died young at 56. She never recovered from a massive stroke she had when she was 49. Reunited, I’m sure they’ve already resumed their Ethel & Lucy antics.

Today would’ve been my Dad’s 84th birthday. RIP Daddy 1/1/33 – 11/20/13. I miss my parents.

Looking ahead to 2018: best wishes for a safe, successful, healthy, and happy new year.

~ Kay

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