Merry Christmas

This is the first time in over thirty years I didn’t mail Christmas cards–my Christmas present to me. The children are grown, and now we get to dote on our three grandchildren. This year, all are home for the holidays. Merry Christmas from the Elam’s Grammy with Grayson (5), Harper (11 months), and Brennan (almost […]

Veteran’s Day

I wish we didn’t have Veterans Day. Actually, I wish we didn’t have veterans. How could that be accomplished? Not have wars. (duh) But, this isn’t a political blog and, since a war-less world is not likely to happen in my lifetime, those men and women who risked their lives to protect their homeland should […]


I was (pleasantly) shocked a couple of years ago when I saw Uber was available in the little town south of Nashville where Hubby and I live. Since then, we’ve used this service (with varying degrees of satisfaction) quite a few times. Parking prices in downtown Nashville have gotten so ridiculous we’ll drive to a friend’s business […]

A Whole New Movie Experience

If you haven’t been to see a movie recently, you might be in for a treat. A couple of weekends ago, Hubby and I went to a remodeled cinema near Nashville. They’d removed about two-thirds of the seats and replaced them with comfy recliners. Seriously…recliners–feet go up, back goes back. Seats are wide — wider than […]

Time to blog again…

There was a time when I blogged 3 times a week…for 3 years…seriously. Yet, I haven’t been on my site since April. What gives? I’ve had lots of subjects I’ve considered writing about…but the moment always seems to pass. Then, when I do think I want to write a post, I remember all of the […]

Siblings Day

Yesterday (April 10) was National Siblings Day. I got a random text from my only sibling saying she was looking forward to our visit next week. I didn’t realize it was Siblings Day. Typically, we go to Seattle to visit her every spring, but last year, I got a monster migraine on our travel day […]